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21 November 2012

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Sight – Colour-changing Clothes

Design studio Rainbow Winters has launched a line of interactive clothing featuring prints that respond to sunlight, water and sound. The signature ‘Rainforest dress’ for example, changes colour when exposed to sunlight, transforming from monochrome to vivid colour while the ‘Thunderstorm dress’ changes colour in reaction to varying sound volumes. (SB)

Sound – Print Ad turns iPod Dock

Advertising agency JWT Brazil has created a print advertisement for Coca-Cola FM which folds into an iPod docking station. Running in the latest issue of Capricho magazine, the ad features an extra fold-out cover with an iPod slot. Once rolled up, the magazine also acts as an amplifier – allowing users to play music louder. (SB)

Touch – Rain Room

Creative studio Random International has created the ‘Rain Room’ installation – an interactive water installation that responds to visitors’ movement. The 100-square-metre installation features a series of indoor rain sheets fixed to the ceiling, from which water falls to the floor. Sensors allow visitors to walk through the installation without getting wet as the downpour reacts to each person’s path. (SB)

Taste – Velopresso

Designed in London, the Velopresso coffee cart offers mobile coffee powered by the bicycle wheels the machine rests upon. Developed as a coffee machine/trike hybrid, the cart can be used to ride the espresso maker around the city and also power a coffee grinder. Hot water comes from an onboard gas-powered boiler, meaning no electricity is used during the process. (SB)

Smell – Inside Chanel No. 5

The latest campaign from the house of Chanel, ‘Inside No 5’, traces the history of the iconic fragrance since its launch in 1921. The short film reveals the story behind the fragrance itself, describing how fragrance experts travelled as far as the Arctic Circle to find the perfect jasmine note. Click here to watch. (SB)

The state we’re in

The team at Flux is excited to announce the launch of our latest presentation entitled ‘Transient Ownership’ on 6 November in Johannesburg and 7 November in Cape Town. A must-see for retailers and designers, this presentation looks at changing notions of ownership and the move towards shared consumption habits and cultivating meaningful experiences for consumers. For more information on the presentation, and to make a booking, please visit our website. >>

Why didn’t I think of that? – Digital Window Shopping

Adidas recently launched a pilot of an interactive digital window display campaign at its NEO store in Nuremberg, Germany. Heralded as ‘the latest advancement in window shopping’, the display enables customers to manipulate life-size images of new products and drag them into digital shopping bags, which sync with mobile devices. According to Adidas, the campaign was designed to target young digital natives who expect seamless integration between the on- and offline worlds and instant access to product. (SB)

Ideas for a better world – The Coming Up Short Handed Project

Developed by US-based Ivan Owen and South African Richard Van As, the Coming Up Short Handed project aims to develop a range of open source prosthetics, enabling access for those who can’t afford commercial medical products. The project started when Owen uploaded a Youtube tutorial on how to build a mechanical hand as part of a costume. Intrigued, Van As believed the homemade prosthesis could be beneficial to others with mobility problems. The two have collaborated to develop a range of tutorials, which use basic techniques to create low-cost prosthetics. (SB)

Object of desire – GPS Shoes

Designer Dominic Wilson has created GPS-enabled shoes that guide wearers to their destinations using embedded LED lights activated with a click of the heels. Cleverly called ‘The No Place Like Home Shoes’, we reckon these are an investment purchase before the revelry of the silly season begins. (SB)


Dion Chang (DC) – Editor
Sarah Badat (SB) – Trendspotter/Production

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