6 Trends for 2020: Natural World

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5 January 2020

Child activists and circular economies

From Flux Trends’ 6 Trends for 2020 Trend Release.

The war on plastic has become, not only the epicenter for other sustainable issues, but also a rallying point for child activists. It’s not just Greta Thunberg and her cohort of global Gen Z climate change activists, but an even younger demographic who are starting to challenge multinational companies on their continued use of plastic. Trading in plastic, in the form of reverse vending machines that reward the recycler with vouchers or public transport access, is becoming a global phenomenon. 

Circular economy models are sprouting and spreading rapidly. From looped systems for cleaning products, to items of clothing that are deconstructed down to their fibers and re-engineered into new fabrics, to systems eliminating food waste, global consumption patterns are shifting radically.

The middle ground? In a surprise turnaround, the milkman who delivers your daily supply of milk – in glass bottles – has made a comeback in the UK. Customers wanting to reduce their reliance on plastic are opting to join this circular economy.

By: Dion Chang

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