6 Trends for 2020: Retail and Marketing

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5 January 2020

Sustainability – the new USP (unique selling proposition)

From Flux Trends’ 6 Trends for 2020 Trend Release.

Kudos to the eco warriors and diversity activists. In the past 18 months their influence has mapped out a new trajectory for retail brands, one that is more inclusive and sustainable. Transient ownership – which includes new circular economies and a booming rental market – is rapidly changing business models for many retailers. This will in turn impact landlords, mall owners and property developers. The “shop till you drop” mantra is evolving into a “rent or recycle it” mindset. Transient ownership has truly arrived, along with the new rules of engagement and communication. 

The middle ground? Underground in this case. The ripple effect of transient ownership can be found in Paris where underground parking basements have been turned into urban mushroom farms because car ownership has declined so significantly. Many basement parking lots now stand empty.

By: Dion Chang

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