6 Trends of 2016 – Sociocultural

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12 January 2016

By Dion Chang and Raleen Bagg


Virtual becomes a certainty for augmented reality.
2016 will see the opening of VOID, a Virtual Entertainment Centre in America, exemplifying the next phase of augmented/virtual reality. VOID virtual reality theme park is the first of a global franchise of Virtual Entertainment Centres which combines augmented reality, sensory technology, and wearable tech. Visitors will be exposed to a mind-blowing experience in an immersive and interactive virtual game reality. The Void is the first company to seamlessly blend virtual reality experiences with real, physical environments. Brands are cashing in on growing global curiosity by digitally transporting consumers to captivating destinations via virtual travel. Recently launched by Marriot Hotel, Virtual Reality postcards enables guests to order a Samsung Gear VR set and travel to Chile, Rwanda, and Beijing from the comfort of their hotel room.
Travel isn’t limited to those who have the time or money. British Airways transported pedestrians in Europe via Oculus Rift. All consumers have to do it put on the device and virtually ride a bronco in Dallas, roller skate on a boardwalk in Los Angeles, or ice skate in Central Park.

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Image credit: Maurizio Pesce

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