6 Trends of 2016 – Technology

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12 January 2016

By Dion Chang and Raleen Bagg

T – Technology

On demand assistance – your wish is their demand.
From food to education to learning how to use gadgets to getting home safely to beauty services and more, there’s an app for that. Young people who are inspired by dishes on their socials feeds rely on Talk to Chef to turn daunting recipes into an easy process. Amateur chefs connect with professional chefs who respond to their questions via video chat. Audvisor provides business advice for career-focused Generation Y in the form of thee-minute audio clips from over a hundred experts. Topics include “Advance my career” and ‘Be a great leader’. Older generations can easily learn how to use new gadgets with Enjoy. The e-tailer sells the latest technologies and, also, delivers the products by experts who spend time showing clients how to use them. Companion allows users to reach out to friends, family and safety departments to keep an eye on them when travelling late at night. Handy, HomeJoy and Exec find self-employed home-help in the right place at the right time, while Business Talent Group provides bosses on tap for companies that want to tackle a specific problem without adding another senior executive to the payroll. The on-demand economy is getting up close and personal. A solution to any problem you might have is just a tap or swipe away.

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