A Roadmap to Rescue Our Republic : Radical collaborative ideas for a hopeful future

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10 October 2023

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South Africa stands at the edge of a precipice. Almost thirty years after its first democratic election, poor policy and rampant corruption have left the country standing on the brink of becoming a failed state.

In this thought-provoking keynote, Bronwyn Williams draws first hand insights from a diverse group of public intellectuals, business leaders, and political mavericks; including Justice Malala, Songezo Zibi and Bruce Whifield, in addition to a few new and surprising voices,  to discuss tangible ways South Africa can rescue itself from itself. The keynote pulls the best ideas collected from some of the most independent and radical thinkers in South Africa today, collected in the new book, Rescuing Our Republic: Radical Ideas to Save South Africa, From Itself by Bronwyn Williams and Ludwig Raal and explores the root causes of South Africa’s problems and offer insightful — and radical — ways (ways that include YOU) of how to solve them.

From addressing land reform and economic development to rooting out corruption and overhauling political institutions, and all the way down to practical civic and business action, the conversations in this book come together as a roadmap towards a better South Africa that leaves no one behind. While the challenges facing the young democracy are immense, these experts provide hope and inspiration beyond words towards productive actions we can take together to build a brighter future.

For anyone interested in understanding the complex issues facing South Africa today and new how they can be addressed, this keynote is sure to inspire positive action. It is a powerful reminder that the fate of a nation is not predetermined, that individuals, citizens and corporations still have powerful agency and that when that agency is directed towards the right ideas and actions, South Africa can still realise its full potential.

You’ll learn:

  • The incredible power of pragmatic optimism 
  • A 6-step cheat code for prosperity 
  • The virtuous cycle of the ownership economy for everyone (and what business leaders can do about it)
  • The importance of neighbours, neighbourhood and the impact of collective action
  • Why friendshoring and moving beyond South African exceptionalism to “playing nice with Africa” is an incredible opportunity 
  • How to measure what matters – because what is measured, gets managed, gets manipulated 
  • Why democracy is a team sport – and how you can get involved in changing apathy into daily activism
  • A reminder of how rights come with responsibilities (and how you can reclaim both!)
  • The current leadership vacuum – and how YOU can fill it
  • And much more

This talk is for anyone with a stake in South Africa’s future – employers, entrepreneurs, citizens, home owners, business owners, civil servants, NGOs, policy makers, investors and activists. Come reclaim your nation’s future – we all get a vote, with our wallets, and, well, our actual votes, for what comes next.

This keynote is available as a standard hour long Keynote, or as a 2-3 hour long interactive Salon Session, where attendees are invited to dialogue and solution with each other and the speaker in a semi-structured format as the story unfolds.

If you are interested in booking this trend briefing contact Bethea on or Cloud on to claim your special offer.

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