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23 June 2021

  • What: This tribe is composed of mature women (40+) embracing health through exercise, sport and diet. The global push towards wellness in the ageing population has seen many countries launch gym master classes and roll out senior mobile health programmes. This tribe has decided not to retire and create a great opportunity for businesses both as a workforce as well as a consumer group.
  • Where: 
    • Case studies: Ernestine Shepherd, an eighty-one-year-old bodybuilder who began her fitness journey in her fifties and has never looked back. Sister Madonna Buder, an eighty-seven-year-old nun, featured in the Nike Unlimited campaign series in 2016. She also began to run in her fifties. She has competed in 20 Hawaiian Ironman races and 300 triathlons.
  • Tribe Leader/Influencers: Ernestine Shepherd AND Sister Madonna Buder
  • Kin Tribe: Preventionist 
  • Industry: Health and Fitness, Sports, Fashion and Beauty, Wellness, Retail and Marketing

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