Apartments for feral rich’s art

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17 April 2016

Apartments for feral rich's art

Apartments are now being built to accommodate large pieces of artwork to meet the growing demand of the wealthy 1% residents. Home buyers are even seeking advice from their art consultants in finding optimal dwellings in which they can best showcase their art work.

As developer Ian Schrager says, ” The thoughtful layouts maximize light and views while taking into consideration a specific market of art collectors by offering an abundance of wall space for hanging art.”

Luxury residences like 160 LeRoy refer to these blank walls with minimised windows as “art walls”. It is even advertised as a main selling point.


Developer Joe McMillan of 180E 88th St echoes the sentiment, “Every grand room now needs at least one art wall.”

Window designs are specifically spaced with sufficient distance to allow large modern art pieces. The apartment designs are also reminiscent to that of modern museums. At 180E 88th, picture railing systems are available for gallery style hanging to accommodate art work rotation without putting holes through the walls.


Apart from the wall design, additional features are also being added to attract the growing art collectors. Enlarged service elevators can be seen at several luxury residences already for carrying large pieces of art work. At the Norman Foster designed 551 West 21st Street, every unit has built in UV screen on its windows to filter out 90% of rays for art work protection. At Nolita on 152 Elizabeth St, commercial grade humidity systems are in place to keep moisture artwork friendly. Alfa Development, known for its eco-friendly projects are now starting to use drywall reinforced by plywood to strengthen the wall resistance for art hanging.

By: Carol Lin

Image credit: Soley House and 160 LeRoy and 180E 88th St

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