Gen Z’s getting plastic surgery

What’s trending?  A study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery shows that 75% of plastic surgeons have seen a spike in clients under 30. Meanwhile, a recent survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that Gen Zers are increasingly opting for plastic surgery enhancements and – importantly – are […]

Social Recruiting

What’s trending? As Gen Z has grown up to become our entry level workforce, organisations are looking for the best ways to reach and recruit young talent. Social media is increasingly becoming a powerful tool for HR departments and recruitment agents. In an online survey by Careerarc, more than 2 in 5 jobseekers (45%) say […]

Blue Collar Boom

What’s trending? Young people, particularly in China, have taken to rejecting white collar jobs in favour of blue collar ones. In China, this is a part of a larger trend known as taking off “Kong Yiji’s long gown,” which refers to college graduates who consider themselves above manual labour. Many of this generation are seeking […]

Our Future of Us Salon is coming to Cape Town!

The post-Covid, post “knowledge economy” era requires a new social contract for a new world order that reflects the fundamental shifts changing minds, bodies and what it means to be human – collectively and individually.  Our second salon of the year will take a closer look at how and why the current democratic social contract […]

HustleGPT: A New Business Concept?

What’s trending? A couple of years ago, starting your own business required a significant investment in time and money. Of late, there has been  a proliferation of AI tools to help would-be entrepreneurs to get  a business off the ground. Many of these online tools assist with everything from logo design to website building and […]

The Age of AI

What’s trending? AI is and will continue to replace some jobs. Many workers today fear that they will be replaced by this technological revolution, a similar fear expressed during the Industrial Revolution. However, we are seeing the emergence of a whole new set of occupations as a result of AI. The World Economic Forum predicts […]

Experiential learning

What’s trending?  Experiential learning is learning through doing as opposed to book learning. It’s not a new concept as educational institutions may prescribe working for companies for short periods – interning – as part of the curriculum. However, we are starting to see a new form of experiential learning, whereby, instead of students working for […]

Invest In the Future

When it comes to the work of trend analysis and trend forecasting, it is common for brands to share the top trends for the year or the season.  This practice can dilute the efficacy and gravity of trends that honestly do impact business – from a cultural to an operational level. It even creates an […]

Digital clones and virtual ambassadors

What’s trending? We are now able to create digital versions of ourselves. Models, artists and celebrities are embracing this technology to create additional sources of income, while maintaining the legal rights and control of their clones. Supermodel Eva Herzigová now has a digital likeness, her MetaHuman, to be used for virtual fashion shows and modelling […]

Gen Z Leadership and Politics

“We were born into a world where the environment is crumbling, democracy is dying, bigotry is becoming the norm, and we’re angry about it,”said Maddie Billet, a 20-year-old Pennsylvanian who voted Democratic. Dubbed the Activist Generation, Generation Z , the generation that is between 9 and 24 years old, isn’t just standing by and watching […]