Are we moving towards a bipolar world?

What’s trending? A bipolar world, in the context of international relations and geopolitics, refers to a situation where global power and influence are primarily concentrated in the hands of two major superpowers or blocs, with each holding significant sway over international affairs. This was the situation during the Cold War between the West and the […]

The ‘Un-ownership’ economy

What’s trending? Have you come to depend on a gadget which has transformed your life? Well, if the manufacturer decides to stop supporting that device, you will in all likelihood have no recourse.  You will be left with just another obsolete gadget – even if the device is one that allows you to see. Second […]

What lies beneath

What’s trending? Climate change threatens human life in many ways but one of the less obvious ones could be a rise in pandemics. Arctic permafrost – a frozen layer of soil beneath the ground – is thawing and releasing viruses and bacteria that are thousands of years old. Estimates suggest that we can expect four […]


The Future Starts Now: Expert Insights into The Future of Business, Technology and Society, published by Bloomsbury business and co-edited by Bronwyn Williams and Theo Priestley features essays from 20 of the world’s top futurists and encourages everyone (yes, you too) to be more proactive about what comes next. Nothing is “inevitable”. The future needs you. Now […]

Homo augeretis

What’s trending? Would you allow genetic embryo editing if you could guarantee that your child would be born without a certain disease? Homo augeretis refers to augmented human beings. We possess the technical ability to alter DNA through in vitro gene selection. Scientists are already using gene therapy to prevent certain illnesses or abnormalities but […]

Saving South Africa – Radical ideas for a hopeful future

South Africa stands at the edge of a precipice. Almost thirty years after its first democratic election, poor policy and rampant corruption have left the country standing on the brink of becoming a failed state. In this thought-provoking book, Bronwyn Williams interviews a diverse group of public intellectuals, business leaders, and political mavericks to discuss […]

Commoditisation of care

What’s trending? We are starting to see an increased number of situations where care is being monetised. There’s a demand for services that one previously did oneself – and without a price-tag. One service on offer in the US is  rent-a-mom, where parents hire surrogate mothers for their children who are away at college. For […]

Hidden fees

This observation is a follow-on from Hide-and-seek Pricing. What’s trending? Retailers have not fully recovered financially from the pandemic so there are efforts to maximise profits without raising the prices of goods and services. Some of them achieve this through hidden costs, where the advertised costs are not what the consumer ends up paying. Hotels […]

Why Your Business Needs a Doula Right Now?

A Flux Trends briefing by Dion Chang Death, be it of a dream, a career or a business, is one of the most traumatic things we face as a species. They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Irrespective of your background, social or economic status – you will, at some point, […]

A Roadmap to Rescue Our Republic : Radical collaborative ideas for a hopeful future

SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER : Book this Trend Briefing in Keynote or Salon format and get 50 FREE copies of the Rescuing Our Republic book, autographed by Bronwyn, perfect as a year-end corporate gift for your team and clients.  South Africa stands at the edge of a precipice. Almost thirty years after its first democratic election, […]