Celebrating 10 Years of Trends as Business Strategy

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7 April 2016

Reflecting on a decade of Flux Trends and projecting into its future


Ten years ago, the birth of Flux Trends was an organic process which grew from Dion Chang’s vision. Over the years, he’s created a business, a career and a significant path based on his skills, talents, and experience.

What does this 10-year milestone mean to Dion?

‘It takes a new business three years to establish itself and to survive which, I’m happy to say, we did, said Dion, ‘once the company was over the three-year hurdle, we’ve been immersed in selling knowledge, which is difficult as its intangible. Judging by our growth, we’re affirmed that we’re on the right path.’

‘The years have flown by,’ Dion concluded, ‘this anniversary came as surprise.’

Dion has always had the intuitive ability to join the dots, make insightful connections, and unearth the underlying narrative.

With a sharp sense of the zeitgeist, Dion’s able to discern how the smallest elements within a trend can impact on the bigger scenario.

What did Dion envision for Flux Trends when he started the company?

To provide an accurate and insightful information distillation service.’ said Dion, ‘there’s so much information flooding in and my objective was to hone it into a succinct and accessible offering.’

An embodiment of who Dion is, Flux Trends is substantially more that a trends analysis company. It’s a respected brand and a powerful resource that makes a tangible difference to its clients businesses.

Flux Trends has progressed from trend spotting consumer insights to analysing trends to utilising trends as business strategies for their clients.

‘A decade ago, trends were viewed as something soft’, said Dion, ‘lifestyle, fashion, pop culture, etcetera. Today trends have moved to the forefront of business. What it takes to run a successful business today is vastly different from ten years ago and trends play a pivotal role.

What’s next on the radar for Flux Trends?

‘We’re moving from being a knowledge development company to a service company,’ said Dion, ‘we’ll be offering consultations and workshops which will help clients to implement trend insights within their structures.

Flux Trends’ new direction and services will provide the competitive edge business needs to keep ahead of the curve.

We asked Dion how Flux Trends’ new direction and services will provide the competitive edge business needs to keep ahead of the curve.

‘The rapid changes in how business works has been drastic over the past ten years,’ said Dion, ‘the next ten years will be exponentially faster. Flux Trends is well up to speed to provide the guidance needed to move into the unknown.’

Our mantra? Trends as Business Strategy.

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