Crumbling Moats and Marauding Hoards : A glimpse into the future of money and markets – By Bronwyn Williams

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31 December 2023

As “money” virtualises and trade and transactions move ever closer to the edge, a competitive moat simply is not what it used to be. In this talk we look at how emerging technological, regulatory and economic trends are intersecting with shifting consumer mindsets and changing the way the financial sector works, and the barbarians at the gate ready to run at the crumbling moats of the incumbent system. 

Key trends and insights covered include:

  • The 4 M’s of power in the new 4D chess game : Muscle, money, medium and meme and the shifting 4d chess game of the political economy underlying the way the financial system works
  • The tipping point from web2 to web3 explained – understating the creation and the commoditisation of of the digital commons
  • All data is credit data – and all businesses are financial services businesses (and all governments are businesses)
  • CBDCs – the centralisation of defi – are you ready to compete with your government?
  • Soul-bound tokens, self-sovereign identity and open banking – how the financialisation and trade of identity is creating new markets 
  • Deep stack denial of service risk and reward – the new “the strong take what they can, and the weak suffer what they must”
  • Parallel universes – where and why businesses and DAO’s are building new systems instead of reforming old ones
  • Generation Z – from hatejacking to consumer activism and finfluencers, how youth culture is changing the very game of capitalism
  • From BNPL to last mile delivery  and the expectation of the democratisation of instant gratification for everyone
  • From super apps and social commerce to play-and-earn gaming guilds – how everything from chat banking to influencer infomercials and WhatsApp payments is changing the way we trade
  • The marginal fray at the edge – how and why “banking” (like digitisation) is becoming invisible, embedded and ubiquitous
  • Leaping and lagging – where South Africa has a global advantage in fintech and finance – and where and why we are getting left behind

How does one go bankrupt? First slowly, then suddenly.

This talk will help financial sector players (recall, in the future, all businesses are financial services businesses) stay ahead of the ever-creeping API and the DeFi curves.

If you are interested in booking this trend briefing or talking to Bronwyn Williams and Flux Trends, contact Cloud Clayton on or Bethea Clayton on +27764539405.

-Looking at Trends as Business Strategy-

Image credit: Kees Streefkerk

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