Cryptocurrency in Other Religions

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8 August 2019

In addition to the adoption of digital money in Muslim and Christian communities, there are other religious denominations that are embracing the use of blockchain technology. Below are some of the organisations and projects leading the way in faith-based cryptocurrencies.


Developed by Russian entrepreneur Viacheslav Semenchuk, the BitCoen is said to be the first digital currency to cater specifically to the Jewish demographic. The platform was designed to improve the lives of Jewish people through a digital ecosystem. In addition to the cryptocurrency, the platform provides services such as BitCoen Pay which is a payment system for online and offline business and personal purchases. The developers aim to create a single marketplace for Jewish businesses to sell their products and offerings to Jewish people.

Above: And introduction to the Bitcoen ecosystem.


The Buddhist practice of yoga has taken the world by storm and the creators of ZenVow are using it as a way to liberate 1.2 billion people from “wage slavery” . ZenVow is a decentralised blockchain based reward system that awards people who meditate, do yoga and take time out to do breathing practices, with the ZenVow crypto-coin currency which the founders (Luís Carlos and Aldric Negrier) hope will emancipate the users from bad karma (created by working for a capitalist system) as well as economic slavery. They have created a wearable device that will monitor the activity of the user and reward them accordingly. By rewarding people for good moral and ethical behaviour ZenVow hopes to transform the world one user at a time.

Above: How ZenVow works


In what is arguably the world’s first ‘religion’ to be based on blockchain technology, 0xΩ, pronounced zero ex omega, was unveiled in New York by Matt Listop and Avery Singer in 2018. The fundamental idea is that the technology can eliminate the need for a faith to have a governing authority. OXΩ runs on Etherium and allows users to democratically design a belief system and to vote on how the religion operates. The concept has been met with some scepticism.

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Image credit: Viktor Forgacs AND Bitcoen AND ZenVow AND Steemit
Video credit: Вячеслав Семенчук AND ZenVow

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