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26 April 2023

Interview with Vinnie Mxolisa – Inventor

This interview with Vinnie Mxolisa, inventor of an AI speech to text programme that decodes different South African accents shines a spotlight on a Generation Z South African innovator. His solution-based invention is the kind of innovation we predominantly see in the African continent.Vinnie will be part of our Generation Z Immersion Experience, taking place on the 15th June this year. 

What is your background?

VM: My name is Vinnie Mxolisa. I am 24 years old and my background is in Computer Science & IT. 

Tell me about what you are busy with right now.

VM: These days I am working on a transcription and coding software which is a speech to text type of software but it has a coding element which comes from the research side when you are doing the coding process. I am busy working on a prototype of that programme. I’m still running experiments because it includes a lot of machine learning and AI training models.   

What are your plans for the next few years?

VM: I think the next coming years are mainly influenced by the current project. I am hoping to build it and turn it into a business concept and into a profitable business in the next three to four years hopefully.

What are your thoughts on entering the workforce versus entrepreneurship?

VM: I am doing both. I am in the workforce. I work as a research assistant and digital facilitator at the African Institute of Entrepreneurship so that’s my day job. The project is what I do in my free time but I hope to be doing this full time in the future.

What can you tell me is the biggest misconception about the youth today?

VM: That we are not hardworking enough or disciplined enough. It would be around that. Also patience. My generation has a very short attention span and we lack patience and we want things to happen as quickly as they can. It’s not all of us. It’s not everyone. A small percentage, not the entire generation. 

What connection do you see between what you are doing and the corporate space?

VM: Those are the people I am planning to establish relationships with and the project will be suitable to them. One of the key things which I am doing with my project is making sure it can understand African accents and different accents from different parts of the world. I see my tool as a tool being used in meetings. You can record your meetings and the tool will give you notes of the meeting. Research institutes are also entities I would like to establish connections with.

By Faeeza Khan

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