Digital Burnout

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24 February 2015

The invisible threat that’s about to hit businesses…

Feeling exhausted? Not just tired, but depleted? You might just be heading for Digital Burnout.

Each year, we sense that time moves faster, but this year has been exceptional: the word “punishing” is the most appropriate word to describe this year. Working long hours and the stress and strain that accompanies a challenging job, is traditionally what causes people to burnout.

However, Digital Burnout is something entirely new and therefore not clearly understood. Nevertheless, it is on the rise and, because it stems from our virtual existence, we don’t see it coming and the result is devastating.

Once it hits, taking some time off does not solve the problem. Some people end up in hospital; others fall into a dark hole of despair for months. It is a new threat to human resources and the productivity for all businesses and yet, because it is a phenomenon, companies don’t recognise the threat.

This presentation will explore the following:

  • The tipping point of acknowledging and accepting that we are now forced to live in two parallel universes: a physical realm in which we are less and a virtual world where we spend most of our time.
  • Our “always on, always connected”, lifestyle that fuels Digital Burnout and how it has rewired our brains to be on permanent multi-tasking mode.
  • ” Digital cheating” and the growing conflict it is causing in the home environment.
  • The virtual drug: why digital addiction is real, but not yet recognised.
  • The global Mindfulness Movement and why this ancient practice has (ironically) become an essential life skill in the digital era.
  • The cyber self-help industry that is rising from Silicon Valley and spreading  across the world.
  • We unpack how you can avoid burnout and the extraordinary steps some companies have taken to assist their workforce.

Who should book this presentation?

  • Anyone in executive leadership, human resources or in a management position steering a team.
  • Wellness practitioners and anyone involved in running corporate wellness programmes.
  • Anyone who checks his/her phone on waking and before sleeping, if your eyes burn and if you have regular arguments about devices with your spouse or children.
  • Anyone who owns a Smartphone

Looking at Trends as a Business Strategy.

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405

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