Digital Burnout JHB Session

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6 October 2014


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“Today was insightful as always. I always take a lot of value… I always take something out of it. Dion’s got a great knack for looking at a consumer behaviour or observation and unpacking it. We all realise it’s going on but he actually manages to pull it all together and tell us what it is. That’s always great and that helps you. You can apply that to a whole lot of things and a lot of different businesses. I would definitely recommend that people should attend future sessions. I thought today’s session was quite different from the others that I attended this year because it spoke a lot to the individual. Other presentations were global trends or trends of a particular sector so today was very personal and I suppose it’s appropriate as the last one of the year. “
– Ninel Musson – Regional Director Southern Africa @ African Leadership Network

“Engaging and interesting. The topic relates to everyone. “
– Nduvho Dama – Barlow World

“The presentation was excellent and definitely fruitful, because I’ve never thought about digital addiction and in some ways I’m addicted as well so it was a huge eye opener for me. It’s a wonderful presentation. I would recommend it to everyone. I think everyone needs to see it .”
– Alf McKnight.

“Our company are frequent attendees at Dion Chang’s open sessions which we enjoy and get good mileage from. The most recent presentation on Digital Burnout was his best ever! Very topical and thought provoking and overall most interesting and entertaining. Our company has actually made a change to the annual leave entitlements of our top management team as a result of this presentation. Whilst Dion’s content is always up to date and topical with each presentation offering unique content he really does need to repeat this particular one. I for one would be back and I know many of my colleagues and friends are anxious to attend this most interesting session.”
– Colin Joiner – Managing Director of Gina@Work

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