Digital Companions – Humans and Avatars

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17 August 2018

With demand growing for robotic and digital companions, tech companies are bridging the gap between humankind and technology on a mental, physical and emotional level. Advances in robotics and AI and those predicted to take place in the future, mean that robots are likely to play an increasingly important part in our everyday lives.

The trend snacks below look at the growing demand for robotic and digital companions and how entrepreneurs are responding to this need.

Humans and Avatars
Augmented and virtual reality systems allow humans to immerse themselves in worlds and interact with characters they wouldn’t have the access to without this technology. As a result, human and avatar interaction has grown immensely in recent times.


Gatebox is the world’s first virtual home holographic system that lets you live with your favourite avatar character. It is created by the Japan-based company Vinclu Inc . The device is a transparent, voice-activated cylinder that displays a tiny holographic character named Azuma Hikari.

Microphones, cameras, and sensors allow her to interact with you on a personal level. She can wake you up in the morning, brief you in on the business of the day and greet you when you get home from work.

Above: Gatebox – Virtual Home Robot

Hatsune Miku

An augmented reality (AR) program employing Microsoft HoloLens technology lets you go on a date with Hatsune Miku, the singing, CGI influencer who has performed at sold-out concerts around the world. The AR program not only simulates an appropriate environment for a date, but allows you to interact with a 3-D model of Miku, who will walk with you, climb up and down stairs and sit on a chair. She will also respond to your attempts to connect with her.

Above: Hatsune Miku on a Date

Virtually Dating

Virtually Dating is a new show on Facebook’s Watch platform which sets people up on blind dates that take place in virtual reality worlds. Two people are hooked up to VR headsets and fitted with gear for full body tracking. Their faces are photographed and pasted onto virtual avatars. Although they are in the same room they’re kept hidden from each other until their headsets are on. The two then meet in virtual environments. The show is created by Conde Nast Entertainment .

Above: Virtually Dating

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Image Credit: IB Times AND Business Insider AND Engadget Japan AND Adweek
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