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17 August 2018

Interactions between human and robots aren’t new. However with advances in technological development, robots have become a more useful and necessary part of life. Humans do not only rely on them to take of them, but are also looking for companionship from robots. Below are a few examples of how robots have contributed to the growing demand.


Robear is a robot that has been created by Riken and Sumitomo Riko Company to address the special care needs in Japan. It can carry patients from the bed to wheelchairs, and also aid in assisting patients to stand up and walk. It is said to be strong with a gentle touch . Robear remains a research project now, however the hope is for it to be widely used in nursing care .

Above: Robear in action


Created by Chinese researchers, Jia Jia is an incredibly lifelike robot which acts as a girlfriend and companion. She has human-like facial expressions and can understand languages and respond appropriately. She also obeys commands. Her operating system is controlled by cloud technology.

Above: Chinese Humanoid Jia Jia Says “Hi”

Real Care Baby 3

RealCare Baby 3 is an animatronic baby which helps teach people how to take care of a child. Made by the company Realityworks , the baby will cry for care, even interrupting the caregiver’s sleep. The individual must then work out what the baby needs: to be fed, burped, changed or rocked. Internal software tracks the care that was given. At the end of the simulation, a detailed report is downloaded to the instructor’s computer. The extensive accompanying curriculum focuses on healthy choices, infant care and parenting.

Video: Real Care Baby 3

By Tshepo Narvis

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Image credit: Venturebeat AND Designboom AND Hindustan Times AND Life with Krystle
Video: 朝日新聞社 AND News China TV AND Realityworks Inc.

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