Digitlab launches Insight 2024: The State of Digital report

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8 February 2024

Digitlab has announced that it unveiled its industry report, Insight 2024: The State of Digital, at the Digital Marketing Conference. The conference was hosted at the CTICC on Wednesday, 22 November with a comprehensive virtual webinar to follow on Tuesday, 28 November.

In collaboration with the Digital Marketing Conference, the 16-question survey on the current state of digital was conducted to gain valuable insights into the marketing strategies and industry trends currently making waves in the digital landscape.  

According to Digitlab, this landmark report offers a detailed analysis of the digital marketing arena, incorporating industry survey data, expert commentary and trend analyses from 20 industry thought leaders around the globe. It scrutinises digital marketing practices, strategic implementations and the evolving nature of consumer-business interactions. 

Here’s a list of a few of the report’s contributors, who represent a diverse array of industry leaders and visionaries: 

  • Neal Mohan — CEO of YouTube, discusses video content’s pivotal role in digital marketing
  • Sir Lucian Grainge — CEO of Universal Music Group, speaks on the intersection of digital marketing and the music industry
  • Bronwyn Williams — futurist and trend analyst at Flux Trends, presents her foresight on global trends shaping the digital world
  • Boniswa Sidwaba — programming lead at TikTok, sub-Saharan Africa, offers an in-depth look at social media trends and engagement tactics
  • Vincent Maher — chairperson of the MMA and CEO of Octarine Digital, speaks on marketing transformation
  • Eoin McGuinness — head of HubSpot for Startups in MEA, CEE and UK, sheds light on startup growth leveraging digital platforms
  • Mike Saunders— CEO at Digitlab, brings insights into digital trends, automation and data-driven marketing, and
  • Tyron Love — global SEO manager at Pepperstone, analyses search engine optimisation at a worldwide scale. 

These contributors bring unparalleled expertise to the Insight 2024: The State of Digital report, offering a multidimensional perspective on the digital marketing ecosystem, says Digitlab. 

Key revelations from the report highlight a shift towards hybrid models that serve both B2B and B2C markets, reflecting a nuanced response to consumer demands. It discusses the resilience of businesses amidst economic fluctuations. It also critiques e-commerce growth, underscoring the significance of customer journey orchestration and the challenges posed by data integration, the agency adds. 

According to Digitlab, the investigation into marketing management reveals current practices under economic scrutiny and the need for a digital overhaul that combines creative insights with data analytics. The findings also note a discrepancy in marketing investment strategies across businesses of different sizes. 

The report further delves into content marketing dynamics, demonstrating the effectiveness of social media and SEO — particularly across small and large firms — and evaluates the varied use of metrics like conversion rates and ROI to measure success. 

In addressing the future, Insight 2024: The State of Digital examines the role of AI in personalising content creation and the importance of maintaining creative integrity in light of technological advancements. It also casts a spotlight on industry-specific topics, including:

  • Google’s algorithm changes
  • digital advances in the financial sector
  • advice to start-ups navigating 2024, and
  • the cultural impact of platforms such as TikTok. 

Digitlab’s Insight 2024: The State of Digital stands as a crucial document for understanding the pulse of digital marketing today and its trajectory for the future, serving as a guide for businesses to navigate the digital landscape effectively, the agency says. 

Individuals can find out more about the report here

Digitlab will make the executive summary available after completing the launch event and online webinar. 

“We welcome all interested parties to join us at the launch and the detailed webinar to unpack these insights,” says Digitlab. 

Access to the complete Insight 2024: The State of Digital Report will be purchasable from Digitlab at R4 000 or made available to any business participating in the 2024 survey.  

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