The year ahead is set to continue along this trajectory.

Flux Trends aims to help businesses navigate these turbulent economic and geopolitical times by anticipating what’s to come, using what’s known as strategic foresight. While it is impossible to predict the future, there are signals already that paint pictures of possible futures. Being able to identify and analyse these signals is part of strategic foresight which takes into account a range of future possibilities to inform decision making.

We conducted a survey where leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners were asked about their preparedness for the future and what assistance they require to become more future-proofed. This is the feedback from that survey.

Our Future Readiness Survey Report gives you a glimpse into the overall sentiment of what leaders and what they deem to be the challenges and the opportunities of this time.  Download this report and get key insights from global and local industry entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders.

Then this trend report is for you!