2022 was a year marked by turmoil – from political to social. Various corners of the world have felt the consequences of re-entering the world in some shape or form.

2022 was also a year of great strides in the field of science. The population even crossed over the 8 billion mark. Locally South Africans experienced extreme highs while they battled with tragic lows that came as a result of climate change. 

In all of the peaks and troughs of the year, the one clear thing is that when put to the test, humans are resilient and can adapt to extreme circumstances.

Our Top Trends of 2023 Report delves into the most pertinent trends of 2023. It uses the Flux Trends T.R.E.N.D.S Methodology and covers all sectors according to these six trend pillars are:

1. Technology

2. Retail & Marketing

3. Economy

4. Natural World

5. Diplomacy

6. Sociocultural

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