Empowering and up-skilling refugee youth

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3 August 2018

Organisations are equipping young refugees with technical skills which will make the integration process simpler and help them find employment. Simultaneously, young refugees are encouraged to become entrepreneurs and to find sustainable ways of living in refugee areas.

Time Bank 

Time Bank is a skill exchange programme among community members at a refugee camp in Jordan, where time is the currency. For example, a barber who needed help to install a sunshade in front of his caravan, was assisted by a trained construction worker. In return the barber provided hair-cuts for the man’s family. Created by UNICEF, it aims to provide skills growth and inspire refugee youth to create their own ventures. UNICEF plans to support 12 of these youth refugee-led enterprises by the end of 2018.

Start-Up Zaatari

2018 saw the launch of Start-up Zaatari in Jordan. The aim of the venture is to showcase the potential and talent of young people in the Zaatari refugee camp. It also aims to equip young people with business know-how and the skills needed to design their own solution-based innovations.

Above: The bustling start- up culture within Zaatari Refugee Camp

Refugee Maker Movement

The Maker Movement is a group of young people who believe in the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to solving the needs of humankind. Run by Refugee Open Ware in Jordan, the innovation lab educates children on DIY technology, 3D printing and computer programming. One of the former students Asem Hasna designed and constructed his own prosthetic leg. He has since become a volunteer at the REDI school of digital integration for refugee kids in Germany.

By Khumo Theko

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Image credit: KUOW AND UNICEF Stories AND The Jordan Times AND News Deeply

Video credit: The Economist

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