Future Starts Here, in Africa

An Immersion Tour Focusing On Solution-based, Sustainable Innovation

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In an era where foresight, problem solving and left field thinking have become the new business currency, Flux Trends is proud to announce the launch of the Flux Innovation Tour 2024, The Future Starts Here in Africa: A solution-based, sustainable innovation immersion experience for those who want to see, taste, and touch the future. 

This unique tour is designed to simultaneously shift your thinking and challenge your perceptions of the innovation process by – literally – introducing delegates to the future. Specifically, by introducing you to the innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs building the future of South Africa, Africa, and the world. 


Future Starts Here, in Africa


Future Starts Here, in Africa

Africa, the continent with the youngest population in the world, is literally the future. In many ways, South Africa, with its progressive constitution that led the world – both positively and negatively – in terms of dealing with questions around gender and race relations; its early warnings around the limits of the social contract; and the (now global) energy crunch, can be seen as a preview of the future challenges and opportunities facing the rest of the world. Among all these challenges, South Africa has produced, out of necessity as well as optimism, a host of solution-based businesses and innovators who see opportunity in the challenges they face.

In short, there is much the rest of the world can and should learn from Africa and its resilience, hope and potential, and we at Flux Trends invite you to come to do exactly that: meet the future in the generous heart of Africa, see, taste and touch for yourself how these innovators are challenging and re-creating the world.

Tour Breakdown

Pre-Tour Meet And Greet

Your tour will begin the night before with a dinner at one of Johannesburg’s most exceptional restaurants to meet your fellow travellers and to contextualise the journey ahead.

A Guided Tour With Dion Chang

Over the following two days, your tour guide will be Dion Chang, the founder of Flux Trends. He and the Flux Trends team will not only take you on a remarkable and unexpected journey but will facilitate the all-important conversations that take place between each stop and give you an opportunity to converse and delve into years of Flux research that will help you frame the future of your business or get inspired to start or invest in a new one.

Tour Notes

Your tour includes airport transfers, three night 5-star hotel accommodation, all meals, and all tour activities. (We can also help you, on request, with arrangements to stay on and extend your South African experience by exploring more of what our country has to offer, whether it’s a safari, or a city or sea escape.)

Think of the two-and-a-half-day tour as a healthy dose of innovation, garnished generously with foresight that will change the way you look at the world forever.

Join us.

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Pay before the 31st March 2024 to qualify for the Early Bird Special. Bookings close on the 30th April 2024.

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