15 JUNE 2023

Generation Z Immersion Experience

Meet the solution-based, future innovators defining the new world order

How do you rate your company’s future readiness?

In an era where foresight, problem solving and left field thinking are the new business currency, Flux Trends is proud to announce the launch of the Flux Innovation Tour 2023: Meet the Solution-Based, Future Innovators Defining the New World Order.

This unique full-day tour is designed to simultaneously shift your thinking and challenge your perceptions of the innovation process by – literally – introducing delegates to the future. Specifically, by introducing you to the young innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs building the future of South Africa, Africa, and the world.


Generation Z Immersion Experience


Generation Z Immersion Experience

Flux Trends has long been passionate about Generation Z, the first digital natives of humanity.

The South African cohort, the so-called “born free” generation, has lived through life-changing world events within a few short years. This is the generation that was born in post-apartheid South Africa, into an already always-on-internet landscape and came of age during the global pandemic and an extinction-level climate crisis.

Yet, they are resilient, motivated, and not afraid to challenge the existing world order. In short, there is a lot their elders can and should learn from them, and we at Flux Trends invite you to do exactly that: come meet the young movers and makers where they are and see, taste and touch for yourself how they are challenging and re-creating the world in their own image.

Nominate yourself or someone else to be one of our Top Ten Solution Based Innovators of South Africa here. The winner will be featured on this tour.

Tour Breakdown

Pre-Tour meet and Greet

Your tour will begin the night before with a meet-and-greet cocktail event with your fellow travellers to contextualise the tour ahead.

A Guided Tour with Dion Chang

The next day, your tour guide Dion Chang, founder of Flux Trends, together with the Flux Trends team, will take you on a remarkable and unexpected journey. They will facilitate the all-important conversations that take place between stops and give you an opportunity to converse and delve into years of Flux research that will help you frame the future of your business – through the lens of your future workforce and customers.

Tour Notes

Your tour will start at 8am and conclude at 5pm, back where you started. Food and drinks will be provided at stops throughout the day.

Join us for a healthy dose of innovation, garnished generously with foresight.

Early Bird


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(Excl. VAT)


Pay before the 31st March 2023 to qualify for the Early Bird Special. Bookings close on the 31st May 2023.

Once your booking is captured, you will be emailed an invoice.

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