Leadership Workshops

These intense, structured half -day sessions are designed not only to explain the trends relevant to your business and industry but also to work through case studies in order to develop specific, actionable business strategies and solutions alongside your team.

We offer two formats:

This is an innovation ideation session and is similar to the Executive Masterclass. However, the focus is less on core skills and more on the PIVOT*, where as a team we identify core strengths and come up with ideas to turn them into new products, services and more.

This workshop has three parts:

  1. Understanding Disruption. This section unpacks the most disruptive trends and drivers of change in your industry as we look at case studies and stimulate ideation.
  2. The Pivot Mindset. This section prepares employees for the disruption ahead and focuses on the key skills required to create and drive both organisational change and professional career development.
  3. Find your Pivot. In the final section, we work with your team to conceptualise your company’s pivot potential. We do this by identifying your business’s core strengths and then coming up with ideas on how to turn those strengths into new products, services, structures and marketing opportunities.

*PIVOT – to turn, to rotate, to swing

For the best results, we recommend that the Pivot Programme is run in conjunction with the Executive Masterclass for the C-Suite. Dion Chang is the main facilitator of the Masterclass and Pivot Programme.

Here the focus is on leadership for disruption and is designed for executives (C-suite/ board members). The focus in on ‘disruption-proof’ innovation strategies, systems, core skills and leadership styles.

This workshop has three parts:

  1. Understanding Disruption, Decentralisation and Digitisation. The team covers the drivers behind the disruption and unpacks the likely impact of the current waves of change to be expected in your business.
  2. How to Build and Lead a Hybrid Workforce. With business disruption comes change, so this section covers the impact change will have and is already having in the workplace.
  3. The Pivot, the Ripple Effect of Organisational Structures. In the final section, we question and challenge organisational structures. Companies cannot hope to move forward with agility using outdated corporate structures designed for pre-digital economies.
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