Finance Management Apps for Groups

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18 May 2017

Finance management apps are no longer just catering to individual’s financial solutions. There are apps that assist in splitting bills with friends, roommates; even newlyweds have a platform that will help them make better financial choices.

Splitwise caters to people sharing expenses with another; such as a roommate. The apps keeps a running total of who owes who from events such as outings and grocery runs. Settling debt requires a simple PayPal transfer.

Billr Me is an app  that comes in handy for outings with friends. Billr Me calculates what everyone owes for their orders and splits shared items. The app will also add in tax and tip. A copy of the spilt bill can be sent to the rest of the group members.

Spendee is a personal and family finance management app that allows individuals and families keep track of their budget and spending. Spendee allows you to sync with your online bank accounts and also allows you to create wallets for different purposes. For those who travel frequently, there is an in-built support for different currencies.

By: Khumo Theko

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