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12 August 2017

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The global retail industry is on the brink of a renaissance.

The on-demand economy, lead by the astronomical rise of online shopping giant, Amazon has forced the entire offline retail supply chain to re-evaluate how it works and what it offers – from the bottom up.

Of course, the trouble with any renaissance is that the world looks very different before, during, and after the process.

The big pre-renaissance winners are very often the big post-renaissance losers.

Which business models will emerge stronger? What are the New Rules of Retail success?

And, what do Millennial and Gen Z shopping tribes really want from their purchase experiences?

These are just a few of the questions explored and answered in the latest Flux Trends Laboratory: The New Rules of Retail.

This Trend Laboratory is designed to assist retailers, wholesalers, restaurateurs, mall managers, construction companies, marketers and advertisers understand the New Rules of Retail – and how to apply them to fast-track innovation and strategic sustainability within their own businesses.

Over the course of the Laboratory, Flux Trends will recap the key trends impacting on the new Rules of Retail, and dive deeper into even more practical ways to approach building a sustainable retail including:

  • How to assess your weak spots and defend your business from external disruption and internal stagnation
  • How to stop simply selling a product, and start selling services and solutions
  • How to reassess your supply chain and extend the function of your bricks & mortar store
  • How to shift a transactional relationship to a transformative relationship with your customers
  • How to disrupt your own business – before someone else does it for you

The Flux Trends New Rules of Retail Laboratory will take place in Johannesburg. This laboratory is also available for private bookings on request and subject to interest, nationwide.

“… food for thought to what I need to be doing for my business to make us relevant for tomorrow.”

To book Flux Trends New Rules of Retail Laboratory, email for more information. 

Please note: Seats are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 attendees per Lab.

What is a Trend Laboratory?

Created due to popular demand, Flux Trend Laboratories are intensive, interactive half-day trend master classes, designed to help businesses convert the trends researched by Flux Trends into actionable business strategy.

Laboratory sessions are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

The New Rules of Retail is facilitated by either Dion Chang or Bronwyn Williams who will guide you through the new retail landscape.

The Structure of the Flux Trends New Rules of Retail Laboratory

The Laboratory is divided into three sections:

08h30 to 09h00: Arrival and registration

09h00 to 09h15: Welcome and introduction to the objectives of the Laboratory


09h15 to 10h30: The Key Drivers behind the New Rules of Retail.

In this section, we give you an overview of the drivers behind the game-changing trends in the retail industry and how they relate to the South African consumer market in particular. We introduce you to the new shopping tribes and help you to gather a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the near-future of retail.

Exercise: Hold your own funeral. How will you customers – your shopping tribe – ‘survive’ if your business ceased to exist? Can you customers live without you?

10h30 to 10h45: Comfort break


10h45 to 11h30: The New Rules of Retail

In this section, we look at what consumers want – no, expect – from retailers right now. We explain the Flux Trends Rules of Retail* Scorecard and help you rate the strengths and weaknesses in your own business

Exercise: How can you improve your new retail scorecard?


11h30 to 13h00: Disrupt Your Own Business

In this section, we imagine what retail could look like if we were starting from scratch with a blank piece of paper. To inspire you, we

unpack case studies from around the world to explain the difference between “spinnovation” gimmicks and sustainable innovation.

Together with the facilitator, we will workshop a list of possible value-driven innovations to implement in your own businesses and industries.

Exercise: Disrupt your own business. What true innovations will give your business a sustainable competitive advantage? What are the quick wins? What are the long-term plays?

13h00: Session ends.

Seats are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 attendees per Lab.

“I really enjoyed the class, it was informative and reinforces on a lot of the things that we are already doing… It’s unfortunate that I didn’t come with more people from my company. I look forward to bringing more people to the next one.”

If you would like to get more information on up-coming Labs, or to inquire about a private Laboratory for your business, send an email to or contact Bethea Clayton on +27764539405

-Looking at Trends as Business Strategy-

Image credit: Kai Oberhäuser

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