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2 August 2018

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According to the Harvard Business Review, around 50% of jobs worldwide are at risk of automation.

Exponential advances in AI and robotics have disrupted virtually every industry on the planet. No sector is safe. Even the ivory towers of the financial industry are under threat: Today accountancy is the profession most at risk of automation. In the wake of this widespread disruption, employers and employees alike need to learn to adapt to a world of work in perpetual flux.

  • Which jobs are under threat?
  • Which industries are under threat?
  • What skills will be the most (and least) resilient in the future world of work?
  • How can human workers compete with – or at least learn to work alongside – algorithms and robo-colleagues?
  • And what can business leaders do to prepare their workforce for the turbulent times ahead?

These are just a few of the questions we unpack at the new Flux Trends Laboratory: The Transhuman Race.

This trend laboratory is designed to assist HR departments, entrepreneurs and executives to build and lead resilient teams, teams that can not only weather change, but thrive on it.

During the laboratory, Flux Trends will recap the key trends in in our presentation, the “Rise of the Machines”, and delve deeper into practical ways to build and lead the workplace of the future. The Transhuman Race Trend Laboratory will guide you through the following

  • How to recruit and train a resilient workforce
  • How to build a “pivot mindset” into your team culture to mentally and practically prepare your employees to work productively alongside machines
  • Why investing in employee mental wellness is no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a necessity for any business which wants to be successful in the future
  • Why the rise of the machines is not the end of work, but rather the beginning of a new way of working
  • What skills and training you need to invest in to give your workforce a head start against disruption
  • The new templates of work
  • How to disrupt your own business from the inside out – before someone else does it for you

“I really enjoyed the class, it was informative and reinforces a lot of the things that we are already doing, we do things and then forget and this talk reinforces what we are aiming for. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t come with more people from my company. I look forward to bringing more people to the next one…” – Andre Swart, HPE

To book Flux Trends Transhuman Race Laboratory, email for more information. 

Please note: Seats are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 attendees per Lab.

What is a Trend Laboratory?

Created due to popular demand, Flux Trend laboratories are intensive, interactive half-day trend master classes, designed to help businesses convert the trends researched by Flux Trends into actionable business strategy.

The Transhuman Race Trend Laboratory is facilitated by Bronwyn Williams and Tumelo Mojapelo who will guide you through the future of work.

The laboratory is divided into three sections:

08h30 to 09h00: Arrival and registration
09h00 to 09h15: Welcome and introduction to the objectives of the laboratory

09h15 to 10h30: The Rise of the Machines and the Ongoing Business of Disruption

In this section, we give you an overview of the drivers behind workplace disruption, specifically AI, robotics and the changing nature of work itself in society. We focus on case studies that impact the South African economy to give you a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of work in the future.

Exercise: Is your industry/ job at risk of automation? We explain the factors that make jobs and industries more and less resilient to future shocks.

10h30 to 10h45: Comfort break

10h45 to 11h30: The Skills of Survival – Cultivating a Pivot Mindset Culture

In this section, we look at the essential skill sets of the future and the new templates of work. We unpack how to recruit, train and develop a team that can face a future in flux with confidence. We also explore why the future workforce should embrace AI, robotic and algorithmic co-workers as an asset that will free them up to focus on more meaningful work, rather than as a threat to their livelihoods.

Exercise: What skills can you invest in your own business to make your employees more resilient, motivated and loyal?

11h30 to 13h00: Mental Wellness in the Workplace

In this section, Tumelo, our Head of Content at Flux Trends, will explain the importance of investing in the mental wellness of your workforce. She will explain why digital addiction and depression are some of the biggest threats facing employers – and by extension – their employers. She will also help your company to become comfortable with change and chaos, and give you insights on how to mentally prepare your team for a future in flux

Exercise: Play the “Super Better” game.

13h00: Session ends.

Seats are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 attendees per lab.

“Very informative, there’s lots that needs to be implemented across industries and hopefully that will change the way we think.” – Marijike Arran – Retail Network Services

This laboratory is also available for private bookings on request and subject to interest, nationwide.

For more information on this and other Flux Trends executive trend laboratories, email Bethea Clayton on or contact her on +27764539405

-Looking at Trends as Business Strategy-

About Bronwyn
Bronwyn Williams is a Trend Translator and Future Finance Specialist for Flux Trends. Bronwyn has over a decade’s experience in marketing management and trend research, working predominantly with brands in the financial and B2B industries. Since 2011, Bronwyn has collaborated with Flux Trends, on a number of projects, lending her research and writing skills to Flux… Click here for more.

About Tumelo
Tumelo Mojapelo is a silent force behind the scenes at Flux Trends, and steers the direction of the content created by the Flux Trends Team. Her interest in trends analysis emanates from her desire to want to give people opportunities to do, think and act better – to make better decisions because they understand the connections between seemingly unrelated factors and phenomena.

Image credit: Andy Kelly

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