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5 July 2021

  • What: This tribe is made up of individuals who are profiting from the pseudo-legalisation of marijuana in the US by opening dispensaries that sell the plant in smokeable or other forms to registered medical marijuana patients and other clients.   
  • Where: 
    • Case studies: Microsoft is one of many companies investing in logistics for the sector. Its current focus is on seed-to-sale tracking. Countries like Germany, Lesotho and recently Zimbabwe have created space for the medical cannabis industry with changes to regulations. Oaksterdam University is America’s first cannabis college, providing training for the cannabis community and industry. 
  • Tribe Leader/Influencers: Microsoft AND Oaksterdam University 
  • Kin Tribe: New Leadership Tribes
  • Industry: Logistics, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Marketing, Food and Beverage, Education
  • Tags: #ganjapreneurs #ganjaeducation #cannabisboom #tribes2018 #newurbantribes #newleadership

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