Gen Z Immersion Experience

We launched our Generation Z Immersion Experience in 2023. It was crafted to bridge the divide between innovative Gen Zs and business leaders. This immersion experience shifted and challenged our guest’s perception of innovation, and as such, has earned Flux Trend an honourable mention awarded by the Association of Professional Futurists (APF).

We have chronicled the various stops that we made for this tour and hope this will whet your appetite for future tours or even encourage you to contact us to curate a tailored immersion experience for you and your team.

Overview of various stops

First stop:

  • The first stop of our tour was the African Leadership Academy (ALA). ALA is an institution that offers promising young minds on this continent an opportunity to build and run successful and innovative businesses. The highlight of this stop was how the students had the autonomy to operate businesses located on campus, thus allowing them to develop and grow as business leaders. 

Second stop:

  • The second stop was the Neighbour Roots roof garden in Morningside. This stop illustrated the innovative use of urban real estate and how Gen Z is willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work that can create a sustainable future for us.
Third stop:
  • After this stop, we went to the Wilds Nature Reserve for an executive picnic lunch in the warmth of the winter sun. Our guests used this opportunity to share their learnings from the first two stops over a lovely meal. 
Fourth stop:
  • When we were done with our picnic lunch, we whisked our guests to Student Village, where they heard inspiring stories from different Gen Z’s who are making waves in the world with their thinking, innovations, and stories.
Final stop:
  • Our last and final stop was our human library which consisted of various “rooms” where our guests interacted with Gen Zs from different walks of life. They relished this experience and were excited to engage with the young people – the workforce and customers of the future. 

Here are some remarks about the day:

“I think today was really an inspirational day. I should do much more of this and make the time for it – just engaging with different people with different viewpoints and just learning to open up my mind, open up my eyes. It’s really what it [this tour] does – in one day!” – Paul Keursten, Workshop17 

“It was very cool getting other people’s perspectives like GenZ… I think it really helped me change my campaigns at work. I think it was such an incredible experience overall. You guys did an amazing job of planning everything. Everything went smoothly, there were no humps and bumps, and you were so clued up about everything. It really was an insightful day!” – Valencia Heeralall, Attacq

We created this and other immersive experiences to move ourselves and our clients from being observers of innovation and trends, to being involved agents of change and members of an evolving society and world.

This immersive experience has already happened but it doesn’t mean you and your team cannot enjoy the one of your own. 

Flux Trends can put together your very own Gen Z Immersion Experience to connect you with young innovators. 

You too can meet these solution-based, future innovators defining the new world order!

If you are interested in organising this immersive experience for your team or clients please contact Cloud Clayton on or +27764539405.

– Looking at trends as business strategy –

Image credit: David Zawila