Generation Dissapointment

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7 October 2010


In the midst of the recession, TIME magazine ran a cover story entitled “The Broken Hopes of a Generation”. The feature, using Spain as a case study, outlined how more and more young workers were being laid off during as a result of the global recession as well as graduates being unable to enter the job market in the first place. These young people, raised during a time of prosperity and economic boom, had come to expect a life of easy consumerism, and are now hopelessly disillusioned. Enter Generation Disappointment…

In this presentation, Flux transposes these global trends onto a South African context where we see a very similar trend occurring. Generation Disappointment takes into account our very own political, social and economic factors that largely steer us in the same direction. With an official unemployment figure of 25% in the 2nd quarter of 2010, 1 in 4 eligible South Africans find themselves out of work. Promised the opportunity of a better life, housing and education for all, there is a growing discontent amongst the masses, who have come to expect a life of upward mobility and the promise of a better tomorrow.

The research of this presentation uncovered some alarming statistics, which serve as fascinating insights and indicators in the business arena.

This presentation explores the following points:

  • How the current political landscape is contributing towards Generation Disappointment
  • The domino effect of this trend and how it plays out in the social landscape
  • How this idea is going to affect the next generation work force
  • The technology gap and why this is both a blessing and a curse
  • How popular culture serves to exacerbate the feeling amongst the youth of never being able to fulfill an increasingly impossible dream
  • What the effect of a combination of protracted public service strikes and a failed educational system will be on future job prospects

Can you afford not to know how this will impact your business in the next few years and how it causes a ripple effect of influence over your future customers?

Looking at Trends as a Business Strategy.

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