Great Expectations

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10 October 2023

Our expectations, that is, our beliefs, shape our thoughts, which in turn direct our actions and shape our reality. In a very literal sense, we get what we believe. Or, to put it another way, we are responsible for the consequences of the beliefs we instil in others.

In this Flux Trends briefing, we look at how when it comes to leading teams today, pragmatic optimism is a moral imperative and competitive advantage. We also delve into the other critical mindset shifts leaders should adopt to lead teams confidently – and sustainably – both today and far into the future.

Talking points up for discussion include:

  • The “milkshake hack” – or how the placebo effect refers to more than just medical trials
  • The neuroscience of foresight and the brain as a “prediction machine” – and how to programme it to your advantage
  • The Matthew effect – and how to turn vicious circles into virtuous cycles in your organisation
  • Hedging against vs investing in the future – any why, optimist or pessimist, you are right (and why this imposes a moral imperative towards optimism onto leaders today).
  • Meet the leaders choosing “not to participate” in the present recession
  • Finding optimism in our “AI” future by focusing on people first and technology second
  • Speak up culture and 3D diversity as a necessary measure for strong and innovative teams
  • Helping teams find work-life harmony in the post “life audit” world of work by focusing on wholistic body, mind – and soul thinking (no, we can’t have “it all” but we can have more of what we really want once we understand the trade offs in play!)
  • Understanding the unintended consequences of “good” ideas, and rather focusing on creating incentives that work with, rather than against human nature and respect individual human beings as ends in and of themselves, rather than mere “human resource” means.
  • The case against (formal) education as a leadership-limiting strategy – and how we can think about building teams and talent in the future

And more.

If you are interested in exploring the competitive advantage of having great expectationsnot only for your team, but yourself and business, this trend briefing is for you!.

This trend briefing is not an open event. It is only available as a corporate booking.

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