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12 June 2024

If you want to change the world, this artefact brought back from an imagined future is an example of what can be created when you do our Worldweaving Workshop. So, what world do you wish to build?

Who was the group?  

The group that worked on this artefact was our first class for our inaugural in-person foresight course, Practical Foresight Skills for Everyone. The individuals in the room came from diverse backgrounds, ranging from the fashion industry to the technology sector.

What is the product/service/experience?

Happy Me is a digital well-being pill box that assists individuals who live in a dark and macabre world to alter their mood. This pill box has a built-in 3-D printing capability that prints the mood-altering pill based on biometric data collected by the monitoring devices surrounding the individuals who live in this highly connected world.

This object compiles the idea of supplements and technology to create an object that tends to the mental health issues precipitated by the surrounding environment. It allows for the mass management of a population’s mental health problems so that they do not have a further adverse impact on the individual or society.

What were they exploring?

The participants were exploring a world where healthcare merges with technology to such an extent that transhumanism is not the exception but the rule. This pharmaceutically augmented life is a result of tech-driven pollution. There is a growing chasm between the “haves” and the “have-nots” – the wealthy build fortified communities to escape the results of “capitalism at all costs” as much as they can. The way they have decided to escape this reality is through mood-enhancing pills created by the Happy Me pillbox. This artefact is just part of a healthcare conglomerate that the group invented. The holding company manages everything from healthcare to technology and security.

What trends did they start with?

The trends they started with are doughnut economics and shifting taboos. These trends are part of the Flux Trends ideation card deck.

Who is the product meant to help?

This product targets wealthy citizens who made money from the business ventures that created this world. It helps people to alter their mood to a more cheerful option.

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