Hybrid stores: Come home to a new way of shopping.

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18 October 2016

Hybrid stores: Come home to a new way of shopping.

Luxury retail brands are exploring aspects of the cocooning trend within their retail spaces. Strongly-influenced by the concept of Airbnb, which taps into the desire of being placed in different yet familiar living spaces, retailers are creating curated ‘home like’ shopping spaces producing multiple beneficial experiences for customers.

Some stores have taken the literal approach of opening a retail space in an apartment block – as seen with the luxury brand The Row . Creators, Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen, collaborated with interior designer Jacques Grange to transform a three story upper – east side apartment into a space in which the brand’s curated clothing, designer furniture and art pieces are available for sale.


Home is where the art is.

The high fashion boutique Hostem has taken the ‘home-like’ store setting to another level. The New Road Residence is a town house in London which has been converted into an art gallery and concept store as well as providing overnight rentals.


Parachute retail rises to new heights.

Parachute, the bedding brand follows a similar narrative with their one-room hotel. The brand aims to collaborate with various designers to furnish the room. The space will be outfitted with Parachute bedding and towels; giving customers a literal experience of the product to activate sales.

The shift of brands creating ‘home-like’ store set ups and rooms in which customers can sleep sees luxury brands creating another layer to the notion of lifestyle brands. As opposed to online shopping, blurring the lines of a home and retail space, regardless of the product, enables retailers to offer a real-life, tactile experience for customers.


By Khumo Theko

Image credit: The Line and Wallpaper and Dezeen and Curbed Los Angeles

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