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16 March 2017

Join the Flux Trend Innovation Laboratory – A Masterclass with Dion Chang.

Flux Trend Innovation Lab with Dion Chang

Over the past two years Flux Trends has applied its mantra – Trends as Business Strategy – to investigate the key trend drivers that are disrupting businesses, across all industries

As a result, our presentation, “The Business of Disruption” has become our most requested trend talk. However, simply identifying the type of disruption that will hit your industry and company is not enough. You need to ensure that your company is able to deal with the disruption, which in most cases that means pivoting your business model. That in turn requires a reassessment of the skills required to run a more agile business, as well as an inevitable restructuring of your company’s operating systems, as well as reviewing your company culture.

After our recent research on the new skills required for new industries, Flux Founder, Dion Chang, embarked on an innovation tour of the most dynamic companies in New York City (again, across multiple industries) to see if he could find the golden thread that linked these game-changing companies.

His findings were surprising, and unexpected.

In a bid to assist companies, to not only anticipate the disruptive forces emerging in different industries, but also to enable them to pivot and shift their company’s future trajectory, Dion has designed an innovation masterclass that not only allows companies to identify disruptive trends, but also dig deeper and look holistically, at what it will take for a company to adapt and adjust to a new operating system, when a business model is forced to pivot.

The Flux Trend Innovation Laboratory is an intense, interactive half day programme hosted by Flux, as a masterclass with Dion, open to all companies and individuals.

This first masterclass is based on the Trends as Business Strategy module that Dion gives at South Africa’s most respected business colleges (GIBS in Johannesburg and the Graduate School of Business at UCT), specifically for senior executives and senior management.

It is designed to take decision makers out of their daily operational focus, consider the future trajectory of the company, and most importantly, shift leadership thinking.

In a digital era, innovation is the lifeblood of 21st century business. Can you afford not to build and amplify your company’s innovation reputation?

The first Flux Trends Innovation Laboratory Masterclass – focused on the Art of Innovation – will take place in Johannesburg on the 30th of March 2017:

Time: 09h00 – 13h00 ( arrival from 08h00 to 08h30 for breakfast snack/ lunch served at 13h00)
Date: Thursday, 30 March 2017
Address: Houghton Estate, Johannesburg
Cost: R3859.00 per person (including VAT)

Please note:  Lab Sessions are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 attendees.

“The presentation was very informative, especially as he touched on different faculties concerning innovation and leadership.”

To book the Flux Trend Innovation Laboratory – A Masterclass with Dion Chang, for your business, email for more information.

The Structure of the Flux Trend Innovation Laboratory Session

The Flux Trend Innovation Laboratory is divided into three sections that interlink and dovetail with each other, which enables delegates to fully understand the ripple effect of business disruption as well as create an enabling company culture to encourage innovation needed to meet those challenges.

08h30 to 09h00: Arrival and registration

09h00 to 09h15: Welcome and introduction / objectives of innovation trend lab


09h15 to 10h30: Identifying the key drivers of business disruption: which mega trends were responsible for disruption and then track which industries have been hit (and how), which industries are in the “war zone” now, and finally which industries are about to be disrupted.

Attendees will learn how to identify which mega trends are in their blind spots and what they not considering, and should be anticipating.

10h30 to 10h45: Comfort break


10H45 TO 11H30: Examining the skills set needed within an organisation to meet the disruptive trends identified before the break.

The conversation moves to the new skills set required to run company operations, and an assessment of the current skills set your company has and where the skills gap(s) lie.


11h30 to 13h00: Finding innovation. How to lay plans for implementing these changes within your current company structure, and more specifically how to create an enabling environment for innovation. (This is led by Dion’s findings from his innovation tour of companies in NYC).

This final section pulls together the disruptive forces that your company challenges, the skills needed to meet the challenge, but then questions whether or not your company’s operating system and culture is adaptive and agile enough. Here, attendees are able to identify and commit to priorities to kick-start a new business pivot.

13h00: Session ends.

“The trends and insights that Dion shared were valuable and he gave practical advice.”

This laboratory is also available for private bookings on request and subject to interest, nationwide.

For more information on this and other Flux Trends executive trend laboratories, email Bethea Clayton on or contact her on +27764539405

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