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12 June 2024

If you want to change the world, this artefact brought back from an imagined future is an example of what can be created when you do our Worldweaving Workshop. So, what world do you wish to build?

Who was the group?

The group that worked on it came from diverse backgrounds and professional fields and attended our “Death & Rebirth: The Rise Of The Phoenix” salon (October 2023).

What is the product/service/experience?

A board game that would give people time to pause and reflect. One that helps people shut out the white noise of this busy and chaotic world to focus on building and creating a new world. 

An object that takes the elements of meditation and thinking and democratises them. One that allows all ages to participate in the reflective endeavour to learn and unlearn our way of thinking and being. An object that teaches people to lead by listening rather than speaking.

What were they exploring?

The participants were exploring a world that actively facilitates the process of learning and unlearning regardless of age, gender, race, political ideologies or religion. A world that allows people to create spaces (learning zones)that help individuals to listen, think and reflect so that anyone/ everyone can prepare for any eventuality. A world that encourages pauses to allow for meaningful and mindful exchanges of ideas and the co-creation of the future (distant future).

What trends did they start with?

The trend that they began with was new social contracts: the death and rebirth of old relationships, society and ideas.

Who is the product meant to help?

This product was created for everyone. It helps people to let go of old ideas and allows them to adopt, if not familiarise them with new ones.

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