Life after COVID-19

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30 March 2020

Presented by Bronwyn Williams

We live in interesting times. Now what?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has upended life as we know it, and will most certainly have deep and lasting effects on society, business, governance and the economy at large.

While it would be unwise to predict the world we will all wake up to after we eventually emerge from lockdown, we can begin to consider the trends that are being accelerated and the trajectories that have been fundamentally broken.

We can – and we should – also start to think deeply about the world we want to rebuild in the aftermath. What of the old world should we take with us into the future? And what should we leave behind?

In this talk, we look at the emerging trends and we ask these questions to help you start to consider and plan both a short-term survival strategy and a long-term vision for your own life and the future of your organisation.

The trends and trajectories discussed include:

  • The revealed fragility of the global and local middle class and what this means for society
  • The impact on SMEs and unemployment
  • The contrasting fates of the “zombie” digital economy and “real world” industries
  • The probable long and short run economic scenarios ahead for both South Africa and the world
  • The rapid normalisation of emerging heterodox economic policies, such as UBI and MMT – and the implications thereof
  • The ripple effects of remote working on employers and employees
  • The emergence of business empathy and why this matters so much right now
  • The importance of mental wellness for personal and business resilience
  • The long- and short-run health effects for the health and insurance market
  • The shifting balance – and blurring lines – between the public and private sectors
  • The trade-offs between safety and security on the one hand and personal liberties on the other
  • The impact on global and local supply chains – and the emerging opportunities this shift presents
  • And much more besides.

This talk is designed for business leaders who have to make far reaching decisions now that will determine their place in the future. Although we may not have all the answers on where we are headed, we can help you frame the questions that will lead us there. Surviving the present is essential, but we cannot do so, sustainably, at the expense of the future. Now is the time to invest in the long now and to look forward to the next chapter. In order to do so, we need to understand the trends and trajectories we have no control over, as well those that we can influence, and use that knowledge to chart our best course forward.

Contact Bethea Clayton on or on +27764539405 to discuss the best business solution for your company’s future.

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