Me. My Selfie. I – The rise, and impact, of Individualism on leadership

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24 February 2015

How do you manage a group of individuals, rather than a dedicated team?

This is the question leaders and managers are going to be asking themselves more and more as the cult of individualism grows and becomes the default mindset of a workforce.

Individualism is a growing mega trend – identified by authors Georg Vielmetter & Yvonne Sell in their book Leadership 2030 – that is poised to challenge, and inevitably change, leadership styles of the future: and the impact is already starting to be felt.

The millennial generation (aka Gen Y) have already started to enter the workforce and anyone who has had to manage these new recruits have been faced, not only with a different work ethic, but also a different approach to their careers as well as company loyalty.

Individualism is part of a millennial’s DNA, and driven and enhanced by digitization. As industries succumb to game changing technologies, the full impact of individualization on companies (as well as brands) becomes evident. One size no longer fits all, and neither do the management skills of a baby boomer generation – ironically the current leadership who have to manage this new mindset.

This presentation unpacks the following insights:

  • The general context and evolution of this mega trend: how individualism has shaped and altered a tech savvy society, and what that impact has been on businesses.
  • Case studies of the numerous industries that have been affected by Individualism and the game changing ripple effect it has had, not only on the relationship between brand and consumer, but also between employer and employee.
  • As Millennials are the ultimate champions of individualism, the presentation then shifts it’s focus to a millennial mindset where the trend really manifests in it’s most extreme form.
  • The presentation also looks at the future trajectory of this mega trend, from a different but complimentary angle: the future of work and the death of the career as we know it.
  • Most importantly, this presentation provides a unique perspective of the attitudes and value systems of an individualised workforce, which leaders are going to have to deal with, but also provides the tools and solutions of managing this mindset as it becomes more entrenched in the workplace.

This trend presentation is a must for all companies working with an increasingly young workforce, and especially for management and exco’s, as it provides fascinating insights into the shift from team player to individual quest in the work place. You’ll be armed with tools and solutions create a more efficient and productive work environment, and more importantly, retain talent and the increasingly rare concept of loyalty.

Aren’t you curious to discover what kind of leadership is needed in an era of individualism?

Looking at Trends as a Business Strategy.

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405

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