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23 December 2016

The health & wellness market continues to expand in its offer of customisation. We saw a glimpse of this trend with the launch of Olly Nutrition in 2015 through mix and match vitamin bottles for specific needs.

The market continues to focus on individualisation with sites like VitaMe which offer customisation via quizzes. Daily dosages for 30 days are individually packed and shipped to the customer on a monthly basis. It takes the guess work out of what vitamins to take and it offers regular free delivery.

Zenamins offers a similar service in customising vitamin mixes. Consumers select the health benefit desired and daily packages are arranged and shipped to their door steps. Auto renewal options are available for convenience.

PillPack solves a similar problem in streamlining the process medication. Instead of physically running to the pharmacy, consumers are able to get their prescribed medicine fuss-free, customised, delivered to their door. Doctor liaison and insurance are taken care of at no additional cost. What more can a millennial generation ask for? As its marketing slogan suggests, it’s “pharmacy simplified”.

The winner of the category will be one who is able to create a cohesive system with a fitness gadget in the market. Consumers are looking for a holistic ecosystem that will measure, track and deliver supplements and medicine where necessary. It needs to be a one-stop shop where all medical and health concerns can be addressed.

By Carol Lin

Image credit:Health Factbook AND Olly Nutrition AND VitaMe AND Zenamins AND PillPack

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