Modern Refugees

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23 August 2021

  • What: This tribe is a rapidly growing tribe with approximately 68 million people who are escaping drought, famine, civil war, poverty or natural disasters. This has created a unique tribe which is having an impact on the way governments, businesses and non-profit organisations deal with the challenge of social development. 
  • Where: 
    • Case studies: Germany is a pioneer in this area.  It has about 600,000 jobs to fill and is building up to 300,000 apartments a year, which in turn will help boost the economy. Among many other projects, the Switxboard organisation has a programme called Refugees on Planes (RoP). The initiative aims to end illegal migration and refugee smuggling by offering safe passage for refugees. 
  • Tribe Leader/Influencers: Switxboard and MONI Card 
  • Kin Tribe: Future Tribes
  • Industry: Humanitarian, Government, Finance, Medical, Technology 
  • Tags: #modernrefugees #modernrefugees #tribes2018 #newurbantribes #futuretribes 

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