Neurodiverse Public Spaces

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14 September 2018

Neurodiverse public spaces are sprouting in quiet interesting places across the globe in a bid to include those who might have been sidelined or not catered to due to having different mental abilities. Today’s trend snack gives you glimpse into the efforts that some companies have made to ensure that all people in society, no matter what their neurological state, can be included.

Coles Quiet Hour 

Coles , an Australian retail store, has joined forces with the Autism Spectrum Australia to create an Autism Hour also known as Quiet Hour , where the lights in the store are dimmed and the noise levels are reduced to provide a low sensory experience for people with Autism and their families. This is not the first time an initiative like this has been done. Stores like Tesco , Clarks, and Toys ‘R’ Us have also embarked on similar initiatives to ensure they create an inclusive retail space.

Above: More about Coles’ Supermarket launches their Quiet Hour

Akron Zoo 

Akron Zoo, in the state of Ohio in the US, has created a sensory inclusive space which stretches past the animal exhibits to cater to the needs of their neurodiverse visitors. When visitors with autistic family members arrive, they will receive a sensory friendly bag that has headphones they can wear as they tour the zoo. There are also designated quiet spaces for people who are are sensitive to noise stimulation. Akron Zoo is the second zoo, after Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and Audubon Zoo, to received sensory inclusive certification from KultureCity .

Above: A preview of how Akron Zoo became sensory inclusive.

NBA Flagship Store

The NBA (National Basketball Association)  flagship store in New York is the first sensory inclusive retail store in the world .They partnered with KultureCity to create a sensory inclusive store, which gives guests on their arrival, a bag with noise-cancelling headphones, fidget spinners and weighted lap bands to families that need them.They also trained their store employees on how to have better interactions or give assistance to guests that need it during their shopping experience.

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Image credit: IVEY AND The Inverell Times AND North-East Ohio Parent AND Fast Company/ NBA
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