New Age Degrees

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24 October 2021

What’s trending?
There are new qualifications coming on stream, ones that take into account the new skills that are needed for the present and the near future. These offer a glimpse into the way work is likely to develop. The University of the Creative Arts in the UK has been the first to offer a Masters Degree in Digital Fashion. Singapore launches Asia’s first university course on alternative protein. The University of Waikato in New Zealand will introduce a Bachelor of Climate Change in its 2022 offering. 

Why is it important?
These trailblazing qualifications reflect the changing landscape of work. The wheels of education turn slowly, so it is encouraging to see that new curricula are being introduced to prepare students for the future of work. It is imperative that the education system evolves so that students are focussing on the new skills that are needed, instead of solely on skills that may  become obsolete through automation. To adapt to the evolving nature of business, the C-suite is being expanded to accommodate new roles for a changing business landscape.The US city of Miami became the first city in the world to appoint a Chief Heat Officer.

What can businesses do about it?
The skills needed by employees a decade ago are not the same as those needed today. Businesses should assess the skills that are necessary for employees to perform their jobs well enough to enable them to stay ahead of the competition. For those skills found to be lacking, upskilling the workforce through short courses, for example, will help employees keep up to date on the changing needs of business. Wherever there are large gaps in skills, creating new roles could fill in the gaps. 

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By Faeeza Khan

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