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Flux Trends explores new and emerging urban tribes which are shifting the zeitgeist (and therefore the consumer mindset), globally as well as locally. This follows the ground breaking 2012 e-book, New Urban Tribes of South Africa.

This edition, subtitled Consciously Diverse, tracks the moulding of locally-influenced, yet globally-connected tribes motivated by social purpose and experience.  Diversity and inclusion are two of the commanding values driving Millennials and Gen Z, and therefore their interactions within society and commercial industries.

Through digital platforms, conversations and social movements, Consciously Diverse tribes feel liberated to express their truths and beliefs. This creates a need for businesses to understand and empathise with these value systems, not only because members are potential customers, but because they may be part of the current or future workforce.

Shifting social norms and the knock-on effect on issues of identity bring new challenges for businesses, but also new opportunities – if they understand what makes these Consciously Diverse tribes, tick.

The Consciously Diverse tribes you will meet, include: 

  • The Preventionists: a burgeoning fitness tribe which includes pre-natal moms, the over 50s fit club and the “fit-fluentials”.
  • The Cleanser: the less-stuff-more-stories mindset meets the meat free movement.
  • The African Ambassadors: African Millennials creating their narrative of the African continent.
  • The Neo Afro-Culturalist: successful business owners who straddle their culture and the corporate world.
  • The Young Activists: Gen Zs who are determined to create a new world order.
  • The Modern Refugees: a ripple effect of years of global human displacement.
  • Generation Alpha & the Insta-kids: the toddlers who are already making an impact on the world – in between nap times.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who understands that trends today, inform business strategy: this includes executive leadership, management, marketing, media and service industries.
  • Companies that search for new ways to navigate the increasingly disrupted business landscape and understand that today’s socio-cultural issues have become pivotal to business. It’s a brand new rule book and the 2018 chapter is riveting.

Aren’t you curious to discover our tribes?

Looking at Trends as a Business Strategy.

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