Non-alcoholic drinks

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12 October 2017

The non-alcoholic beverage market is gaining attraction to attract the health conscious millennial. Mintel’s recent survey found that consumers aged 18 – 24, had 37% of French and 31% German prefer low or non- alcoholic beverages. China is currently leading in the non- alcoholic sector with 29% of the beers launched in 2016 contained 0% alcohol.

Beer Buzz

One of the most featured brands at Oktoberfest beer, is the German brand Paulaner and they have released their own non-alcoholic beer. 56% of German beer drinkers stated in a Mintel survey that they would trust their favourite brand producing a good tasting non-alcoholic beer. Heineken’s 0.0 non-alcoholic range now available in various countries.

Non-alcoholic bars

Non-alcoholic bars are popping up around the world. The Drug Store is a new non-alcoholic bar and social enterprise. Another example of this trend is Brink, a non-alcoholic bar that was set up to assist people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.


Mojito Girl is a mocktail created by KFC China. The KFC Mojito Girl drink campaign is marketed to young woman who want to have fun without drinking alcohol.

By: Khumo Theko

Image credit: Wu Yi AND Esquire AND Gothamist AND Varshesh Joshi

Video credit: KFC

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