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14 September 2021

The Game of Change: matching the new skills required with fast-changing business models

Before the pandemic hit, most businesses were focused on the challenges of digital transformation. But now, well over a year later, the pandemic has proved to be the proverbial “game changer” in many ways. 

It is widely acknowledged that technologies and concepts (like remote working) were accelerated by as much as five years in 2020. The impact on a company’s operating system has been disruptive, to say the least. Businesses lagging in digital transformation were forced to meet the velocity of change. But the ripple effect has only just begun.

Managing a remote workforce has forced business leaders to rethink their management style. Employees, in turn, have reassessed their priorities, shifting the goal posts in terms of rewards and benefits. Recruitment and retention of talent, now look very different to practices in 2019.

The fact that more Gen Zs are now entering the workforce adds another challenge to an already complex equation. A hybrid workforce (remote as well as in-office) combined with a hybrid generational workforce, plus new technologies dramatically altering old operating systems, points to a radical overhaul of the traditional HR handbook.

This trend briefing covers the following areas, which are all potential blind spots for any business:

  • New industries and new operating models: understanding the velocity of change and matching the ever-changing skills sets needed
  • A hybrid remote workforce – adjusting to the new normal (it’s here to stay)
  • The ripple effect of the pandemic on staff wellbeing and prioritising new benefits
  • Creating a post-pandemic company culture that focuses on diversity and inclusion
  • Managing a multi-generational workforce, as Gen Z increasingly enters the workforce
  • Why upskilling your current workforce is the new CSI

This trend briefing is specifically designed for businesses which recognise that the post- pandemic workplace is in uncharted waters, but that action is needed now.

Business leaders, senior managers and especially HR practitioners will be able to explore their blind spots regarding recruitment and retention of talent.

Can your company afford to ignore this seismic shift?

Presented by Dion Chang

– Trends as Business Strategy – 

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405

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