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17 March 2017

Companies are exploring alternative options to create a level of differentiation and continue a flow of creativity within the working space. The concept of outsourcing innovation sees companies using interesting approaches to creativity that still blends in with the company culture and enhances its individualism.

Restaurant hires Grannies

‘Just like grandma used to make it’ is the phrase echoed at the Staten Island, Enoteca Maria restaurant. The restaurant’s kitchen is staffed by ‘nonnas’ from around the world instead of trained professional chefs. It’s been a decade since the owner, Jody Scaravella, opened his kitchen to grandmothers to cook cuisines from their native countries. It originally started with Italian grandmothers and through word of mouth the concept mushroomed. The kitchen now has grandmothers from countries such as Nigeria, Algeria, Syria, Poland, Liberia, Argentina and Dominican Republic creating their signature meals.

Content as Rent

Blogfabrik is a co-working space based in Berlin, which provides working space to freelancers in exchange for content.  For two contributed articles a month, freelancers gain access to a photography studio, event space, a meeting room and a desk from which to work. The articles are published on Blogfabrik’s online publication DailyBread Mag which targets 18 – 35 years olds, who have an open mind about creativity and the digital world.

Freelancers are asked to share their featured articles on their personal social media channels and arrange an event for the publication over the course of the year. With the space’s one year anniversary approaching there are plans to introduce a part time co- working option called ‘Flex desk’, this option will be booked in exchange for one article to the DailyBread Mag on a monthly basis.

Eat off Beat

Eat off Beat is a food delivery start up in New York City, which makes native cuisine from various countries. Their innovative approach is to hire refugees who have resettled in the US. The refugees are hired as chefs. The only requirement for the job is to be passionate about cooking and to have had cooking experience; even if they have only cooked for their families. The owners, Manal and Wissam Kahi, opted for a delivery service as it was an easier approach to get to a wider reach of customers in the city.

By Khumo Theko

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