Pivot companies – swivelling into new industries

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15 November 2016


The traditional industry segments of businesses have long been blurred by companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple. The concept of expansion is no longer limited to widely distributing the same products to a larger group of customers. Instead, companies are driven by a core purpose that enables them to tap into new industries which generates a leading edge in foreign territory.


Tech companies tapping into renewable energy
Google has created an online service that will inform home owners on the specifications of installing solar panels within their homes. Google’s Project Sunroof uses a combination of eye-in-the-sky imagery and Google Earth with calculations to determine pricing for installation. The company has further invested more than $1 billion in a fund that finances residential rooftop projects installed by Solar City.

Competitors such as Apple and Amazon have followed suit in the investment of renewable energy. Apple purchased a solar farm in California with the aim of powering all their future operations through 100% renewable sources.

Comcast branches into the I.O.T

As they continue to lose cable subscribers to competitors Netflix and Hulu, media house, Comcast has branched into the growing industry of the Internet of Things. The company has announced the creation of machineQ in partnership with Semtech Corporation ; a business venture trial focused on establishing a business-to-business platform for the Internet of Things. Comcast will select commercial businesses which will galvanise their concepts and enable their partners to gather, transmit and form an analysis on data from various connected devices used in their organisations. Click here for more information.


Fujifilm’s cosmetic line
As a result of their research findings that natural antioxidant, astaxanthin, not only worked for producing quality imagery but also performed well for human skin, camera and film manufacturer, Fujifilm, explored a highly unusual industry for the company. This natural antioxidant was the springboard for FujiFilm to create the cosmetic line Astalift. The brand has since expanded its products into make-up and supplements that cater to its clientele in China, Southeast Asia and Europe; promising photogenic beauty. Click here for more information.


By: Khumo Theko

Image credit: Ivy Exec and Cramer and machineQ and Peta Pixel

Video credit: Google Project Sunlight

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