The 30/30/30 Project Personal Report

Insights from Generation Z 30 years on from Democracy

This report is the first part of a three part report exploring the 30/30/30 Project, a project created by Flux Trends and Student Village to introduce South Africa – and the world – to its future. Spearheaded by Dion Chang, Founder of Flux Trends, and Ronen Aires, author of Breach and co-founder of Student Village, both leading experts on youth insights in South Africa.

The Personal Report covers certain aspects of the personal lives of South Africa’s GenZ 30 years after democracy. It takes a closer look at the participants’ childhood, interests, social media behaviour, relationships with friends and family and the condition of their mental health. 

This report looks at:

  • The impact of disconnected dads
  • The people who they consider as Mentors
  • This generation’s relationship with and duty to friends and family
  • The way they express their identity and themselves 
  • Their home environment and its impact on decisions they make
  • How religion and spirituality is being re-defined
  • GenZs attitudes towards mental health issues
  • Their experience and definition of adulthood
  • The financial decisions they make (related to personal finance)

This report will help you to:

  • Know who these young people consider as their role models
  • How this generation makes their purchasing decisions
  • Explore the similarities and/or differences between our Gen Zs and their Western counterparts, highlighting opportunities in the gaps. 
  • Gain insights on their personal financial decisions 

These topics are just a fraction of what is explored in Personal Report. 

This report is a comprehensive and extensive exploration into the personal lives of South African GenZs, looking at what they are doing and where they are going. 

Who is this report for?

  • Media, content creators, civil society, political leaders, corporate South Africa, entrepreneurs and elders in general
  • Anyone who wants to understand and work with rather than against their future
  • Anyone who wants to give young South Africans the impetus and agency to vote in the next elections

Want to know the personal ideals and values that drive this generation? 

Then this report is for you! 

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