The Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape – A Flux Trends Report

The retail sector has faced numerous challenges over the past two years and is showing signs of recovery. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many customers redefining their wants and needs. Add to this lockdown restriction, supply chain disruption, shortage of material, crime and technological disruption, and you have a perfect storm that allows for the re-imagining and recalibration of strategies.  

Our Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape Report will help you and your business move forward during these uncertain times, keeping in mind that the world they once operated in has drastically changed. 

In this trend report, we unpack:

  • The challenges, opportunities and new developments within the retail industry
  • What retailers and other businesses need to do or change to cater to their existing and potential customers
  • The value of experience over ownership within the retail industry
  • The impact of shifting customer mindsets and values, and the knock-on effect of this shift on day-to-day business
  • The pros and cons of virtual commerce
  • Ways that companies and entrepreneurs can be a force for the greater good

And much more!

Purchase a copy of the Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape Report and get a free ticket to the Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape Salon (July 2022) hosted by Dion Chang, the founder of Flux Trends.

This report is the perfect handbook and will help you develop your post-pandemic plan of action. 

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