Repurposed Food Waste

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8 September 2017

Companies are creating alternative channels to reduce food waste. The conversation on resource has seen governments, businesses, and consumers look at various ways of reducing food waste by producing beverages from waste matter; finding ways of making ugly vegetables edible and creating an anti-food waste movement to help reduce food waste.

Canvas Barley Milk – drinking food waste

Canvas Barley milk deems itself as the first sustainable, plant-based beverage made from ‘saved grain’. The organisation uses beer waste and turns it into healthy, non-alcoholic drinks. Distillery California makes vodka from expired bread and food waste that is no longer good for humans to consume. The tasty ‘Trash cocktails’ is made from bar scraps such as citrus peels and fruit pulp.

Canvas : The Journey of Saving Spent Grain from Sarah Pool on Vimeo.

ChicP Hummus – eating ugly food

Ugly vegetables and fruits have been given another chance thanks to private chef Hannah Mc Collum. ChicP hummus is made from disfigured fruit and vegetable, which would have been discarded due to their unattractive appearance. Following in the footsteps of ChicP hummus, Hellmann’s Ketchup Uk has created a new ketchup made from imperfect tomatoes. The Misfit Juicery brand of cold pressed juices is made from blemished or misshaped fruits.

The Real Junk Food Project – an anti-food waste movement

The Real Junk Food project collects unwanted food from various sources such as supermarkets, farms and restaurants. The food is then turned into delicious meals and sold at their “Pay as you feel” café. The Feeding 5000 hosted by the Feedback organisation challenged three chefs from New York restaurants to give away 5000 free meals created from leftover food. While “Meat the Needs” collects unsold meat from big supermarkets is the US and offers protein foods to the needy. Thus far the organisation has expanded to 52 stores.

Giant Food Stores – Meat the Needs Initiative from Viscul Creative on Vimeo.

By Khumo Theko

Image credits:See Search AND Kickstarter AND Arteries AND The Real Junk Food Project Brighton
Video credits: Sarah Pool AND Viscul Creative

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